Are You Daydream-ing Yet?
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Are You Daydream-ing Yet?

Daydream undoubtedly has the potential to be the best mobile VR platform. On its part, Google built a comfortable, easy-to-use headset that creates a great VR experience for exploring new worlds, gaming and watching 360-degree videos. But any new initiative is only as good as the software. And to prove that, even in the early days of Daydream, some true gems have emerged in the form of games and apps that you should check out right away. This not only proves Google’s worth but also the fact that it has the money and influence to do VR right, and from what we’ve seen so far, things are off to a good start.

The new influx moves Google Daydream closer to the 50 apps that the search giant promised to bring to the headset by the end of 2016. Here are the details: 

Netflix VR

The biggest and most awaited addition is the Netflix VR app. If you are the Netflix and chill type of person, then this is just for you. In a bid to expand its virtual reality footprint, Netflix, has now introduced a dedicated VR app for users who want to watch their popular series in an immersive manner. However, Netflix VR is not much different from the standard Netflix app. Instead of the traditional welcome screen where users selected their flicks, Netflix VR now puts people in a digital version of a living room. People can look around in the room, which contains some red chairs, a sofa, and a few little lamps, and choose their movies from a digital television that contains the standard Netflix selection screen. But, the best part is that it will soon allow the subscribers with the Google Daydream View headset to watch content in 360-degree immersive form. Just not that, but you can also invite your friends owning a Daydream View to watch your choice of flick in your personal Netflix living room.

HBO Now and Go VR

HBO Now is a stripped down version of HBO, it is actually a streaming-only edition of the subscription service. On the other hand, HBO Go VR is now back in the Google Play Store after being pulled from the official Android store sometimes back.These two apps allow subscribers to watch movies and series on a VR large monitor. But the drawback here is that it is still offering flat videos only. 


This one is best known for streaming concerts and sporting events in virtual reality. If you want to experience true virtual reality video, then Next VR is the right way to do it. It takes you inside an NFL stadium, rock concerts, monster truck rally, and various other live events. You will be truly impressed with the views, looking around at the crowd at MetLife Stadium as well as the crowds bouncing around during a Coldplay concert. New content shows up all the time. NextVR’s small but growing library is focused around sports and music events, and also offers the chance to watch VR broadcasts live, like weekly NBA games.

Lego Brickheadz Builder VR

Without any surprises, Lego’s Brickheadz is sort of a puzzle built around building and creativity. Just like the traditional game, it involves playing around with Legos, but here by following commands prompted on a magical book with formulas to unlock new items. Players are required to use the Daydream remote controller to build Brickheadz characters and later let them interact to discover more stuff. The best part, it is absolutely free with no in-app acquisitions. 

Need For Speed: No Limits VR

Another big partnership for Google comes with EA and ‘Need for Speed’ developer Firemonkeys. Actually, it’s just the traditional ‘Need for Speed’ game but in the Virtual Reality version, game players control the cars from within which is why they can easily peek through the surrounding for oncoming and following cars as well as keep police wheels on watch. The coolest part comes with managing the steering wheel with the motion controller. The only point to ponder on is its price of $20. 

Gunjack 2: End of Shift

This one is a sequel to the original title Gunjack Arcade shooter which contrastingly is now available on Gear VR. However, this version seems to be more fascinating and obviously provides for better user controls courtesy of Daydream controller. Players can seamlessly bring down rival ships by aiming and shooting as they float in the vicinity. The environment is immersive, and you’ll be turning your head often to view the alien spacecraft zooming by and to track down all the enemies. The game is priced at $12.99, which is pretty much, but is worth the game which unlike its prequel has got a storyline.


For those who aren’t aware of it, Wands is a wizard dueling player vs player game is already available on Samsung Gear VR, but recently it just got on upgrade and is now available on Google Daydream too. After learning a few spells and doing some more exercises, the players are required to take on other players on one-on-one warfare. Decently priced at $5.99, the only not so good thing about the game is that you cannot game by yourself, you have to engage other players.

For a quick recall, these games and apps are for Android phones and you need a Daydream viewer and a supported mobile device. Until now, only a few devices pass the headset compatibility test and they include Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL as well as Moto Z and Moto Z Force.

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