VR, Now At A Theater Near You
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VR, Now At A Theater Near You

Just like how an artist discovers art everywhere, a VR lover discovers ways to pursue his passion and love for VR anywhere. VR recently made an official entry into the R-rated zone. Another big news which is currently taking the VR industry by storm is the association between PVR cinemas and HP. Together they have launched Asia’s first Virtual Reality lounge which is one of it’s kind.

Boredom is probably the most annoying thing ever.  Like we are so excited to watch the favorite movie of ours that we reach the theater early, but now we are “bored”. Finally, we have a solution to this boredom of ours and all thanks to PVR; who thought about utilising our time out there. PVR cinemas in Noida, New Delhi launched HP VR Lounge which gives the users a chance to experience a whole new library of knowledgeable yet adventurous and interactive virtual reality content in various fields like drama, action, sci-fi and horror.

For the initial days, VR lovers can hit the mall for a free trial. The organizers have kept it for free for the first 15 days, later they will charge Rs. 100 for 15 minutes. Well, do you think the amount is a bit too much for mere 15 minutes? Nah! PVR has already expended Rs. 25 lakhs for one pod. And you need not even buy a movie ticket to experience this thrill. You can get access to the lounge even if you don’t own a movie ticket.

Now as a passionate VR lover one question which pops in our mind is, “Do we really need to go to Noida for a mere 15 minutes? ” Well, the answer to this question also is a NO. While this one of a kind lounge is currently launched in Delhi, PVR is planning to launch ten more VR lounges in their multiplexes across India. While the country capital will have two lounges, Mumbai and Bangalore will host three lounges each.

Currently, the content is divided into 8 pieces. 3 pieces for gaming and the others for entertainment and knowledgeable content. But they will make changes according to the preferences and the response of the users sooner or later.

HP is collaborating with PVR for this initiative and has lent their expertise support as they specialize in delivering and manufacturing computing, data storage and designing softwares. The latest OMEN range by HP is truly VR ready and they are all geared up to deliver exclusive content and the mesmerizing experience to the users.

So eager to know what will you experience in this VR lounge? Take a look at the list-


-Fruit Ninja (based on the famous Android Game)

-Space Pirate Trainer

-Audio Shield (a Game in which you can integrate any songs of your choice and play)


-Popular Disney movies – Jungle Book clips / Star Wars clips / Avengers

-The Blue – Experience of Ocean depths

-The visitor – Horror

-The night cafe – Real life experience of Van Gogh paintings

-La Peri – Award winning title of folklore story of a king and his love.

So the next when you head to PVR to catch up your favourite movie, don’t forget to visit the VR lounge and get a whole new lifetime experience.

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