Hot Solutions For India’s Steaming Hot Drinks Market
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Walk into your neighbourhood supermarket, and you’ll be amazed by the many shelves filled with different tea and coffee brands. It’s clearly a booming market.

According to “India Packaged Coffee & Cafe Chain Market Overview” by Business Wire, the packaged coffee market is expected to grow between 10-15% CAGR over next five years.

Coffee as a segment has steadily gained share of total consumer spending on beverages over the last many years. The convenience, versatility of flavour & format, and branded experience provided by instant coffee enable it to be positioned as a premium hot drink option. The easy preparation of instant coffee, as well as its aptitude to be tailored to local taste preferences has made it the 'coffee of choice' in most markets in India. Instant coffee has propelled brands like Nestle, HUL and Tata Coffee in its category.

The growth of cafe chains over the last decade also boosted the visibility and per capita consumption of coffee among Indian consumers. Cafe Coffee Day, Barista and Tata Starbucks are some of the leading players in cafe market.

The increasing awareness regarding the harmful effects of aerated drinks is also expected to shift the preference of consumers towards coffee, which subsequently, is anticipated to propel the worldwide market for instant coffee in the near future.

In Business Wire’s Research and Markets’ other report, "India Packaged & RTD Tea Market Overview", packaged tea market too is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10-15% in the forecast period. Indian packaged/branded tea market is segmented into four major segments such as traditional black tea, green tea and herbal/fruit tea and other tea which includes instant tea, organic tea, white tea, oolong tea, etc.

Among all these categories black tea is a dominant category in the Indian tea market, however green tea is also expanding its presence among young Indian consumers due to its perceived health benefits. Healthy growth is projected for the market in the coming years driven by increasing focus on health and wellness. Regular & Lime/Lemon flavour green tea is most popular among young consumers. Packaged tea has big brands like HUL, Tata Tea, Duncans Tea Limited in its category.

Today, many tea and coffee manufacturers use Nichrome’s tea and coffee packaging machines. Nichrome’s Sprint 250 PLUS Series is a versatile powder packing machine, offering 2 pouch formats - CSPP and Gusset pouch, and packs up to 2 Kgs at a speed of 120 packs per minute. It helps preserve the freshness and flavor of the tea or coffee while delivering a smart package that is not only easy to store and transport but stands out on the retail shelf.

Nichrome’s other offering for this industry is the Excel Plus Series. Excel Plus Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler is the tea packaging machine, and Excel Plus - Servo Auger is thecoffee packaging machine. Both machines pack up to 10 Kgs at a speed of 80 pouches per minute.

Nichrome also offers a full range of accessories and allied equipment with the Excel Plus and Sprint 250 Series. These include Dynamic Check Weigher, Online Metal Detection System, Date/Batch Coding Devices, Dust Extraction System, PIP System, Baling Machine for secondary packaging and Flexi Block System, among others.

Catering especially for the customer’s B2B customers in the Food & Hospitality industries, Nichrome offers the Multilane Stickpack with Servo Auger Filler. This stick pack pouch packaging machine has been specially innovated for convenient, single-serve packaging of coffee powder, tea and coffee premix powders and other non free flow powders like milk powder, pharma/nutraceutical powders, spice powders, etc.

Nichrome’s packaging solutions in India also include project Integration services. Especially for the tea industry, Besides its range of efficient Tea & Coffee pouch packaging machines, Nichrome can deliver fully integrated process lines with a range of Pre-Packaging and Post-Packaging equipment to improve overall operating efficiency and reduce costs and downtime.

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