Bleisure Travel: A New Business Trend
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Bleisure Travel: A New Business Trend

Business travel is a rapidly expanding activity. With technological progress and the emerging ease of international communications it is essential that the modern business has company representatives all over the world. So these days, as more employees of affiliates are traveling in order to solve their companies’ most significant problems, trips mixing business and leisure have quickly emerged as a lifestyle.

The term “Bleisure” is a mix of a corporate travel with a leisure vacation. Though it could seem strange and unusual, it is more and more often used by modern businesses. What better opportunity is there to combine work and pleasure than on a business trip? Of course, you should strictly differentiate between business activity and your leisure. Many companies have already instituted this type of business travel, in which employees can continue their trip as vacation after all their business issues were solved.

If an employee has a desire to extend a work trip for a few days to rest and relax, or in some cases even invite a significant other, all he or she needs is to pay for the extra days in a hotel and buy return tickets. In today’s highly globalized and cosmopolitan world, it is not surprising that the division between work and rest is becoming much less noticeable.

What are the main things that every corporate traveler should know before going on a trip? First, adding a few extra leisure days to a business trip will make you feel happy. In addition, the entire business trip will seem more positive. Secondly, you don’t need to pay for the whole trip, which will save time and money. Combining work and leisure seems reasonable for both business travelers and their employers: the former get some rest after a hard job and a chance to recover, and the latter have more positive employees.



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