Transforming The Packaging Process Of Sugar For Retail Markets
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Transforming The Packaging Process Of Sugar For Retail Markets

Sugar technology has come a long way and most sugar is now free from chemical and other residues. Retail pouches of sugar are growing in popularity as consumers become increasingly aware of hygiene and purity aspects. As businesses build their sugar brands with continuous focus on improving quality through the procurement and processing stages, sugar packaging machines need to be right up there on the technology and efficiency front. Retail sugar packaging is a crucial part of the sale ability of the product in this scenario. The speed and size rolled out by packaging machines need to be robust and compatible with a business’ logistics metrics. Packaging must be capable of achieving perfect results with hygiene and retention of quality of the sugar.

Packaging machine manufacturers with wide experience in the sector such as Nichrome offer Automatic packaging machines for sugar sachet packingapplications that have every aspect of the operation optimized and calibrated to perfection. The machines are designed to fit in seamlessly into any assembly line or processing unit. A range of optional accessories meets all specifications for integrated packaging solutions over the full range of operational environments. Sugar Packing Machine Manufacturer Indiasolutions by Nichrome are exported around the globe.

Nichrome VFFS Sugar Packaging machines deliver a bagger speed of up to 80 packs per minute. The quantity that can be handled by Nichrome’s VFFS Excel Plus Series machines is a maximum of 10 kilograms. The maximum pouch size can be either 400 millimeters width by 490 millimeters length or 400 millimeters width by 600 millimeters length. A Touch Screen Human Machine Interface ensures smooth control of the automatic sugar packaging machine.

Automatic Packaging Machine Filler Options

Nichrome’s Excel Plus Series automatic sugar filling machines come with an Intelligent Electronic Weigh Filler. The types of fillers that you would want with your automatic packaging machine are all met by Nichrome’s professionalSugar Packing Machine Manufacturer India services. Among the other mechanisms available for filling are the servo auger filler and the multi-head weigh filler. Other filling options of Excel Plus Series machines are a volumetric cup filler and a swing-on filler.

Nichrome also offers a sugar sachet packing machine for the Food and Hospitality industries. Its Multilane Stickpack with Volumetric Multiple Cavity Filler is equipped with a CE certified PLC controller that makes it easy to operate and provides the necessary flexibility for product and format changes while maintaining the efficiency of the process. It has the capacity to pack small stick packs for sugar and other free flow solids in weight ranges of 1–3 g, 3–7 g, 5–10 g, and the number of lanes goes up to 10 with a speed of packaging 450–500 packs per minute. Stick packs are preferred by hotels, cafes, restaurants, airlines, offices, etc. for their single-serve convenience and economy.

No Entry for Impurities

Technology in the automatic sugar filling machine enables and perfects every aspect of a sugar sachet packing operation including the crucial aspect of detecting foreign substances and impurities. Excel Plus Series VFFS machines offer technological applications such as detection of metal and a dust extraction system.

Sealing is carried out to exact pressures making the product safe and secure for the end consumer. With speed of operation and range of packaging and filling modes, packaging becomes a hallmark of retail operations. As the retail sugar market grows in India, Nichrome, with its technically advanced services, is supremely poised to be a reliable partner for success.

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