The Widest Range Of Powder Packaging Machines Under One Roof
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The Widest Range Of Powder Packaging Machines Under One Roof

When it comes to powder packaging, few machine manufacturers can match the extensive range of Nichrome. As one of India’s leading packaging machine manufacturers, supplying hi-tech packaging solutions to Indian food processors since 1977, Nichrome has a large base of satisfied customers in India and abroad.

Nichrome’s wide range of both Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) and Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) machines for packaging many different powders makes Nichrome the preferred powder packaging machine provider for many top brands in India. From spices to chemicals, Nichrome’s line of fillers, checkweighers, and machines can package virtually any application that requires laminate film structures and polyethylene films.

Nichrome has witnessed and has been associated with the development of the packaging industry for 4 decades. Nichrome is one of the India’s leading packaging machine manufacturers. Supplying innovative packaging solutions to Indian food processors since 1977, Nichrome has a large base of satisfied customers in India.

Nichrome’s VFFS machines include the Maxima 400, Sprint Plus 250 Servo Auger and the Excel Plus series. These spice packaging machines work equally well as tea packing machines, coffee packing machines, milk powder packaging machines and atta packing machines.

A variety of powder filling methods are integrated with the Nichrome line to package products such as spices and seasonings, atta, flour based products, coffee powder, tea, premixes, instant mixes, etc. The VFFS machine also packs granules, pulses, beans, sugar, etc. besides pharma & agricultural powders and detergents.

All the contact components of the machines are made of stainless steel which makes the parts corrosion-resistant, facilitates cleaning and enhances durability.

The VFFS machines come with a plus advantage of automation equipped with CE marked PLC Controller and touch screen HMI. Print mark scanners, static charge eliminator, both are equipped to give adjustable strokes of cross sealing jaws for optimum performance. Checkweigher validates accuracy and proper functionality of the line.

The machines offer many pouch formats such as Pentaseal, CSPP, 4-line Seal, Gusset Pouch and Pentaseal with D-cut. The bagger speed is up to 80 bags per min. depending on the quantity and density of the product.

Nichrome’s HFFS range includes the T-110, T-140, T-170 FE, T-170 SC and T-200. These Totpack horizontal packaging machines offer new generation linear Spanish Technology with superior pouch aesthetics. The HFFS machines are equipped with a PLC based touch screen machine. The compact and versatile design offers both single and perforated chain of pouches. Other features include auto tuning temperature controller, easy and quick change over, well designed duplex modules for higher outputs. The horizontal seal system can also be operated mechanically.

Nichrome also has a Multilane Series (PV-215 and RV-240) of high speed, flexible VFFS machines. The Multilane technology provides versatile packaging with user friendly interface making it easy to control temperature required for best sealing quality. The PLC controlled PV -215 accommodates additional features at any stage. Its wrinkle free sealing quality is equipped with adjustable vertical sealers easily adaptable to package width changes. RV -240 comes with dual Axis Servo Driven rotary heat sealing dyes. Its simple panel mounted adjustment can accommodate pouch of any length.

Nichrome’s powder packaging machines can pack any powder into flexible pouches that are resilient and easy to carry. They protect the taste, aroma, colour and free flowing nature of the contents, thereby increasing shelf life. With evolving consumer preferences, growing income levels and customers getting choosy about the quality of products they buy, it has become imperative — and beneficial — for traders and manufacturers to pack their powder products in flexible, safe packaging.

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