Chiropractic As A Method Of Healing
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By Polyclinic Rehabilitation Institute

Most people complain about pain in the back at least once in their lives. When people experience such pain, most frequently try to heal themselves, or keep praying for that fortunate day, the pain will go away on its own. More often than not, that “fortunate day” does not occur, which is when a person realizes that they cannot do without medical assistance.

There are many different types of therapies such as massage, physiotherapy and chiropractic that effectively deal with back pain without resorting to pharmaceuticals.

Chiropractic medicine is a branch of manual therapy that focuses on realigning every joint of the human body into proper position. When a joint of your spine is misaligned, the bone of your vertebrae can touch a nerve that runs from your spinal chord to any part of your body, such as the muscles of your hands, arms, shoulders, feet, legs, thighs, as well as your back, abdominal, chest and neck muscles and so forth. That nerve, or a branch of that nerve can also run to any of your internal organs, such as your lungs, heart, gut, ovaries and testicles, liver, pancreas, and so forth. It’s been scientifically proven that it takes as little as the weight of a dime (10 cents) to reduce the function of the nerve that has pressure on it by 50%. This frequently causes some sort of pain or discomfort of the muscle or the organ that the nerve supplies.

A chiropractor typically uses techniques such as manual palpation, visual inspection of the muscular asymmetry, range of motion tests, notes inflammation and fluid accumulation under the skin, and x-ray analysis to determine which way is the joint misaligned, in order to figure out which way a joint should be placed back into its proper anatomical space. Once determined, a chiropractor will typically exert a quick shallow thrust on your skin, in order to move the bone underneath the skin frequently by less than a few millimeters, in order to set the bone back into its proper anatomical position. This moves the bone away from the nerve that it touches, reduces the pressure on that nerve, and restores function of that nerve. This in turn, allows for the muscles, the internal organs, or other structures of your body that the nerve is supplying to function more efficiently. This in turn, relaxes the muscles, improves blood and lymphatic circulation and reduces pain.

Chiropractic scientific research has demonstrated that chiropractic manipulation helps with:

Reducing pain and healing some gut pathology

Reducing pain and healing some liver or kidney diseases

Reducing back and neck pain

Reducing muscle fatigue and improving athletic performance

Reducing pain from some types of headache

Reducing pain from Fibromyalgia and many other medical conditions


If you are experiencing any of the above, please contact schedule to see one of our chiropractors at PRI clinic. We are happy to help your body get better and get back on track.


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