What Is The Best Season To Climb Kilimanjaro
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What Is The Best Season To Climb Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the tallest mountains that has attracted many to climb it. Trekking in the mountain can be challenging and tiring. This can get even more difficult if the climb is being tried during the rainy season. So, before you get your trekking gear packed, here is some information on the best time to climb Kilimanjaro.

Weather in Mount Kilimanjaro

The Mount Kilimanjaro mostly has rainy and dry seasons. But during the winter season, you can experience heavy snowfall in the mountain. Since the rains are heavy in Tanzania, it is best to climb the mountain during the dry season. If you are planning to scale the mountain while it is snowing, then make sure that you are wearing proper clothes and gears. The trekking path may get slippery during this time, along with the low visibility.

Crowded during Trekking Season

Like any other famous mountain, Kilimanjaro can also get crowded during the trekking season. If you want to trek the mountain peacefully, then you can choose the route that is quieter as compared to the other routes such as Rongai. 

However, if you are using busier routes such as Machame, then you will find many campsites. These campsites have toilets and proper station for rangers that is very helpful for all. To ensure the safety of all the trekkers, you are expected to register yourself daily. This helps the rangers to keep a headcount of their visitors.

Winds and Clouds on Mount Kilimanjaro

When you are climbing the fantastic mountain, you will experience the fantastic view of sunrise and sunset. The clouds too look fabulous during this time as they have the shades of pink and red. It can also get little windy on Mount Kilimanjaro, so make sure you are well equipped before your trek. So, before you start your trek, make sure you are choosing the best time to climb Kilimanjaro.

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