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How Folding Mechanism Of Bicycles Improved Their Usability?

Do you know the first folding bike was introduced in 1890? It has had quite a journey since then. Initially, the folding mechanisms were introduced to improve the convenience of military officers and soldiers but later the concept gained popularity and became a preferred choice among masses. After 130 years, it is being produced by various premium brands and carry several added features along with splendid folding mechanisms.


The present-day folding bike are compact and can be folded in a hundred different ways. The folding mechanism improves the portability and storage potential of these bikes. Daily commuters can now take the bike into cars, buildings, flights, and public transportation. Before we head over the advantages a bike has with a folding mechanism, let’s see how many kinds of folding mechanisms are now part of folding bikes.


Folding Mechanisms in Bikes

Folding bikes can be classified into various types depending on the kind of folding mechanism it carries. You may choose any depending on your requirement. There are more than 150 folding mechanisms that divide the bicycles in categories and sub-categories.


Advantages of Folding Bikes

More than the types of folding mechanisms it is the advantages that score more significance. The innovation of the folding mechanism found its way when daily commuters and travellers found it difficult to carry their bikes from one point to another.  The initial folding bikes weren’t very practical, very heavy, uncomfortable to ride, and took a long time to fold. Often they broke down and joined the pile of useless frames and wheels. It was a century later in the 1990s that airports and railways authorities made the regulations stricter regarding carrying bikes in transit. This further pushed the makers to overcome the challenges faced by folding bike one by one. Finally, after a few hit-and-trials they were able to find a more practical, lightweight, and easy to carry folding mechanisms. These new bikes could pass the regulations and be, easy to be carried across cities and countries.


How Are The New Folding Bikes Better Than Their Rigid Counterparts?


  • Unique and Convenient: Folding bikes are still not as main stream as their simple counterparts. The chances of a bicycle thief unlocking and stealing a folding bike are nil. Since the bike can be carried anywhere, it will be the owner’s side even in hotel rooms and office cabins ensuring that their possession is safe everywhere. That is an investment that is hard to miss.
  • Easy Entry On Public Transport: Irrespective of the way you commute across the city, be it a taxi or train or the bus, you can now easily carry your folding bike with you. Also, carrying folding bikes in public transports is completely free of cost.
  • Saves Money and Space:There is hardly a soul that doesn’t know how economical it is to ride a bike. Most public transport facilities put a hefty charge if someone wants to tag his bike along for the trip. But the folding bikes can be carried free of cost irrespective of the destination. Also, the folding mechanism allows the rider to park it anywhere he wants to be it under the office desk or on a hanger over the wall.
  • Size: Most folding bikes are available in free-for-all size with a set of manoeuvres to adjust the level of comfort as per the rider’s requirements. The list of other effective features includes quick-release levers that promise a well-fitted, comfortable ride. The lightweight of the bikes and their small compact frames are other add ons that make these bikes a perfect option for daily commuters.


These are a few pointers that help one realize how folding mechanism evolved with time and eased the problems of riders, travelers, and commuters all over the world.


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