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What Are The Advantages Of Folding Bikes?

Folding bikes can be best summarized in two words - practicality and versatility. These two features stand tall against all its drawbacks making it a preferred choice for everyday commuters and tourists. Imagine a mode of transport that can be folded in the form of a large-sized backpack. What more can one ask for? However, there are some other benefits that allow them to keep a stronghold over traditional bikes. The following paragraphs clarify them one by one:

1.    Simple Transportation: folding bike have been a popular choice for biking tours in Australia. The statement is evidence enough to prove the simplicity foldable bikes bring to transportation needs. They can easily be fitted in trains, bus compartments, or in the trunk of small cars and SUVs. Also, people who need to commute daily from the suburbs of a city through trains. Leaving their bikes at stations all day can be expensive along with an added risk of having to leave your belonging at another place all day. Folding bike resolves these two issues as they can be carried anywhere along with the health benefits of cycling twice a day. 

2.    Easy to Store: Needless to say that storage of folding bikes is simpler than traditional bikes. They need less space so are easy to keep around especially in apartment buildings and inner-city flats. It is not cumbersome to carry them upstairs. You may slide it under your bed or wardrobe. Its small size also makes it an appropriate workplace accessory. You can easily store it next to your work desk pr the cloakroom and nowadays there are a lot of workplaces that have storage sections for cycles. 

3.    Environmental Friendly: folding bike obviously reduce the environmental footprint of the user by reducing their fossil fuel usage. You may need to take a car if you need to take a train to your workplace every day. However, with a folding bike, you can easily reduce the need to take the car to the station every single day. And if you are a fitness lover by any chance, it will be the best option to keep up your fitness level through a hectic schedule. 

4.    Exceptional Resale Value: The above mentioned features provide the folding bikes with a far lesser depreciation rate as compared to their traditional counterparts. The demand for these bikes is forever high and what better than to get one at a lesser price. So, as a seller, if you wish to sell it after a few years of use, you wouldn’t lose many pennies while as a buyer you can definitely bargain a reasonable price that goes with your budget. 

Check out the nearest bike store and find out about their available designs and colors. However, before you make a purchase, testing it is advisable. This is to ensure whether or not the bike has no hidden defects and is properly functioning.

One of the most popular fold up bicycles is the  St. Kilda. Check out  St. Kilda online and discover its specifications. If you are not satisfied with this model, you should continue searching online. 
Certainly, there are plenty of cool designs out in the market. While you look for information on designs and forms, you may also do a little research on some of the online shops selling foldable bikes.

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