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Tips To Keep Your Outdoor Lighting Safe And Functional All Around The Year

Outdoor lighting is extremely useful when you need to guide people safely to your door. However, this add-on comes with several challenges including the problems posed by climatic elements like snow and rain. Most of these conditions have a detrimental effect on these things. There are some preventive measures that may be taken to keep them safe and sound in all seasons.

Selection of Location: The first thing that is suggested in this regard is the selection of location. You must work on choosing the right locations for fixing lights. Hanging lights under overhangs is a good idea as it keeps the rains away. Overhangs are a great addition to ensure security to your home and can help in saving huge on utility bills. 

Solar Lights: Solar lights are an effective measure to ensure that one doesn’t need to worry about climatic conditions. Solar installations are wireless, therefore, there is hardly any danger of moisture in wires and short circuits. Solar lights get charged during the day and then the stored energy is used at night to light up the place. Most solar panels are sealed units which means there is the least chance of water entering them whether it’s a winter night or rainy season. The only backdrop of solar lights is that the stored energy sometimes doesn’t last all night. But if you can fix them with some batteries, then you are good to go. 

LED Lights: LED lights are a sound alternative to solar lights. These are a cluster of individual lights that are waterproof in nature. The light emitted by LED lights is brighter than solar lights. They are best to be used in darker areas of the garden that need better garden lighting. LED lights are easy to install and useful even on rainy and snowy days. LED lights can be installed in-ground just like solar lights. Also, as compared to conventional and halogen lights, they use less power and emit more light.  LED lighting Sandringham

Light Shields: If you are planning to hand lights out in the open, you can always protect them with light shields. Light shields are small-sized clear boxes that easily fit over light fixtures and seal them to keep moisture and dust out. If you wish to tighten up the security, you can always choose weatherproof light shields. If you have already installed light fixtures and wish to skip replacing them, light shields are an effective solution to keep your bills down. 
Use Outdoor-Rated Bulbs and Fixtures: There are several companies making bulbs and fixtures for outdoors. So, you can always skip the trouble by using them instead of indoor bulbs and fixtures. Most manufacturers clearly mark their products for outdoor or indoor use. Apart from this, there are outdoor fixtures available with an optional waterproof or water-proof feature. Another cool tactic is to use oven bulbs or freezer bulbs that are made to bear extreme temperatures. If they can survive those uncomfortable temperatures then they should be fine outdoors. 

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