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Buying Guide: Ortlieb Bicycle Pannier Bags

Bicycle pannier bags are invaluable when you need to carry gear on your bike as you take a trip across the world or through crowded lanes of your city. Pannier bags are indispensable for longer rides and mandatory for those who use bikes for daily commute.


Why Do You Need One?

As the mercury rises in thermometers and travelling distances increase, simple backpacks might not be enough to carry all essentials. Bicycle pannier bags are a great option as they fit all kinds of bikes, are lightweight, have a low centre of gravity and can spread weight evenly. A good pannier bag can add a distinct sense of safety and control to your bike adventure.


What Is The Best Option?

Though there are many alternatives present in this category, Ortlieb has established a class apart standard for this accessory. They excel in creating premium quality waterproof bags with exceptional weight carrying capacity.


Why Ortlieb Bags?

Ortlieb offers the biggest range for bicycle frame storage bags, handlebar bags, panniers, and saddlebags. The brand owns a cult-like following in the world of bike touring. If you are confused about the long lineup of products, here is a small glimpse of its best products and what features make them best in line.


  • Frame Mounted Bags: These are extremely spacious, aerodynamic, and sleek styled bags. The highlighting features include a low centre of gravity as they are attached to the bike frame at a point that is closest to the ground. Ortlieb frame-mounted bags are a perfect option when you need to maintain stability and steering with some added weight. If you are also the one who likes to utilize the bike frame for extra loading, this bag is as perfect as Ortlieb back roller panniers. It is made of waterproof nylon fabric and waterproof zipper that stays dry even in heavy rain.
  • Handlebar bags: As the name suggests they are mounted over the handlebars and are ideal for keeping basic essentials like food, water, nutrition bars, or tools safe. The purpose of these bags is to offer easy access to these items while riding. However, make sure it is not overloaded as extra weight can easily imbalance the handlebar. Ortlieb’s handlebar bag is a completely waterproof pack with a storage capacity of 15-litres.
  • These bags are placed under the saddle and they vary in size from small to large depending upon rider’s requirement. You can easily store your multi-day luggage in them. They are light in weight and versatile in colour and design. You can fix or remove them from the bike with a single movement. Its integrated mounting feature allows speedy change from bike to bike. The roll closure with elastic helps in bag’s safe closure and right packing.
  • Pannier Bags: These bags hang down from the side of the bike or the purposely -built racks. These bags either stay fixed to the seat post or the seat clamp. Most riders use pannier bags in pairs either on the front or the rear wheels to keep the weight distribution even on both sides of the bike. Ortlieb’s back roller panniers are considered one of the best pannier bags across the world.


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