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Ideas To Cut Down Garden Lighting Costs


Outdoor lighting design and planning can really boost your confidence in your lighting scheme. They add a special element to the atmosphere and help to give a distinct look to your home surroundings. It can highlight the most stunning features on a sunny night and help to find your path on foggy and rainy days. If all goes well, it can light up your house beautifully and if not, it may turn into an expensive eyesore that will keep you and your neighbours awake. Here are a few tips that will help you get the best out of your garden lighting without raising your bills:
●    Outdoor Circuits and Transformers: It is crucial to select a valid starting point for your circuit. It is the first thing that you need to plan. The larger the distance between the transformer and light, the lesser will be its brightness and intensity. Try not to overload the circuits with lights and keep every line to a maximum of 100 watts. Therefore, the transformer you select must be adequate enough to match your requirements. Make sure you discuss the matter with your electrician first and then plan the budget and everything else. 

●    Less Is Always More: It is the thumb rule especially with respect to the lighting. Garden lighting is a subtle art that involves path illumination, highlighting the plants, and allowing people to see where the building is located. Lighting needs to be subtle and effective but it should not be turned into a sports stadium. Research and try to find out the right kind of lights for the job, different kinds of lights are available for every feature. If you have a pool, a fountain or a pond, you can always use underwater lights. 

●    Safety and Aesthetics Go Hand in Hand: It is neither safe nor aesthetically pleasing to run a lead from the lounge to a 4-way adapter and then plugging it into four different lamps. Outdoor lighting is only designed for the outdoors. Electricity never fares well outdoors unless you find proper channels to relay it. A simple solution is to install the lighting by the book. If you need help, call an electrician. 
●    Find Ways To Save Energy: Some people feel that outdoor lighting is only meant for plush homes. However, there are ways to minimize the costs and bring the whole deal under any budget. You just need to investigate things a bit, for example, solar lights are the best when it comes to outdoor lighting. There are several economic prices that come with their own solar panels that get charged during the day. But these lights need to be placed in sunny spots. LED outdoor lighting needs very little energy as compared to customary lights. 

●    Long Term Considerations: Your outdoor lights will need to fare against the roughest climates and seasons. Therefore, it is a good idea to ensure their safety during installation. Consider the growth cycle of the plants placed closest to them and the effect they will have on the lights. 

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