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A Beginner’s Guide To Buy Intel Xeon Servers


The Intel Xeon line is deemed the best choice for its workstations and high-demand servers. It is due to its ability to take care of data-intensive processes and keep up the speed benchmark that Intel is well known for. If you are just beginning your journey with Intel Xeon processors, then this article may help you to find the best servers. It is essential to understand the features of this product before selecting the one that serves your purpose. 

Understanding Xeon Server

The CPU located inside your server is known as the processor. It is the core unit that delivers instructions, performs tasks, and includes several running queries simultaneously. The Intel Xeon processor is a derivative of Intel’s Pentium brand that has been on market for a long time. Intel named its x86 workstation and server as Xeon that is now available in multiple variations. A few of these variations differ from the mainstream processors by Intel. 

The latest line of Xeon processors has the Xeon W processors along with the Xeon Scalable Processors. Scalable processors are meant for workstations where they need to be connected with various sockets. Then there are others that are equipped with additional features like Error Correcting Code (ECC) memory support. Servers with more advanced features and better processor capabilities and cache memory. 

Intel Xeon processors promise expected performance as their memory supports the advanced visual processes. These systems go perfectly suitable for gaming servers, VPNs, firms hosting multiple websites, IoT based systems, Edge computing, power workstations and all kinds of businesses. 

What Kind of Factors Should be Considered While Selecting Xeon Servers?

It is often not easy to find the right kind of Xeon server against other servers. Here are some basic differences between Xeon servers and others that will help you make a rational decision: 

●    Purpose: It is one of the first factors that should be considered while selecting a server. Sometimes, a single server wouldn’t do enough. You may need more than one but you will need more than one server to meet your needs, In this case, you will need some scalability. For example, your firm builds widgets that are sold online and business is expanding. Your sales are soaring by thousands every month and you are keeping a track of sales, production, and supply chain. An Intel Xeon scalable processor will help you things handled in an efficient way. These are segregated servers with an architecture that provides required processing as your needs evolves and fit perfectly into your compact data centre. 

●    Augmenting Vs New Servers: There are two ways to upgrade your processing ability. You may either augment the old one or bring in a new server. Either way, an Intel Xeon W Series Server might be a good option as it is powerful, flexible, versatile, and well-suited for almost all kinds of high-intensity workloads. The server has Turbo Speeds up to 4.5 GHz along with 4 physical cores, such machines are extremely powerful and are perfect to be used as workstations. 

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