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Checking Out The Best Pond Pumps In Australia

It is crucial to get the right kind of pump for your pond if you plan to maintain the health of its small ecosystem. A water pump helps in circulating water all around the pond which means it keeps its aerated and allows equal distribution of oxygen for plants and fish. Since more and more people keep asking about the best pond pumps in Australia, we have assembled some suitable choices that may be excellent for your pond: 

● EcoWave Pond Pump: The EcoWave Pond Pump is ideal and magnetically driven for offering amazing flow rates even at the lower head heights. The pumps from this company are suitable for both waterfalls and ponds. Its vortex-style impeller and magnetic motor technology offer flawless electrical efficiency which makes it the first choice of experts. You can choose from the EcoWave 2000(8000LPH) and a vortex-style impeller 5000 Pond Pump. Both these pumps with a three years warranty. The best part, the pump can be installed without any tools which means it is perfect to be picked as a DIY project.
● Aqua Surge Pond Pumps: The pump is quite useful for ponds, waterfalls, and all other kinds of water features. The pump comes installed with asynchronous motor technology that promises the best energy efficiency and is best for both vertical and horizontal positions. The complete range of these pumps come with an oil-free design that keeps away any kind of contamination from the pond. It also comes with a number of fittings that can be installed easily with a few quick fixes. The best feature- these pumps are anti-corrosion which means they don’t rust over time. Along with that, they come with rubber feet that keep away all kinds of vibration and noises. 

● Aquaforce Pond Pumps: This pump is known for its pre-filter cage and a flat and wide base. It means this pump can be positioned directly into the pond. You can count on its high energy efficiency, high torque, and oil-free performance. The protective cage over the pump means it is capable of handling solids that are up to or more than one-fourth inches in size. The pump quite helps in the prevention of clogging which means it will keep your maintenance costs under control. The best feature - you get all this along with a three-year warranty. 

● ASA Low Voltage Pond Pumps: Aquaspace Australia low voltage pond pumps are very suitable for small-sized ponds. The range of this product line varies between Ultra 400 - Ultra 800 along with the Resun Kind 3AFLV Low Voltage Fountain Pump. Low voltage pumps like this one are best for water features and small-sized ponds. 

● ASA 20,000 LV Pump: The pump can be used in all kinds of water features including waterfalls and ponds. Ideally, it is quite suitable for larger recreation ponds that need low voltage pumps. The maker of this pump offers a 5-year warranty with this pump along with a controller that has a 2-year warranty on the power transformer. 

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