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Top 5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Gaming Mouse


Every gamer who has ever been into online gaming gets why this topic is being discussed here. You cannot level up in any game if your focus remains on positioning the mouse with the rapidly changing requirements of the game. A regular mouse may sound good in the beginning but lack the kind of support you need while chasing your goals in the game. Gaming mouses, on the other hand, are designed with some unique features that make them stand apart from their regular versions. 

For instance, the gaming mouse has much better software that can be customized as per requirement. It also extends support for high-level CPI and DPI. It doesn’t matter if you are using a cordless or a corded gaming mouse, it will sync better with your gaming needs as compared to its regular version. This brings up an important question - how to select the right kind of gaming mouse? If you have been wondering the same, here are some tips that will help you figure this out: 

Play Styles: The requirement for a gaming mouse relies highly on the kind of game you are into. The nature of your favourite game will determine the features you need in a mouse. For example, if you are into MMO and RTS, then you will need a mouse that has additional buttons for alternative functions. But if you are into FPS games then you need a mouse that has precision and instant tracking features. 

Sensor Type: Gaming mouses come with a variety of sensors. The final choice of sensors is a matter of personal preference whether you like optical or laser sensors. Both have their own pros and cons. Those who use mouses with optical sensors are of the opinion that these sensors are more responsive as compared to others so they are good when you need a seamless gaming experience. Unlike the laser mouses, these do not lag.

Cordless or corded gaming mouse: There was a time when wireless mice were taken to be slow in terms of reactivity, octane, and speed. However, as technology is evolving, they are getting better and better with every passing day. But they are still more expensive than their wired counterparts which is the reason why most gamers like to go with corded ones. 

DPI and CPI: Dots Per Inch (DPI) and Cost Per Inch (CPI) are two important parameters with respect to gaming mice. DPI here relates to the dots per inch that refers to the rate at which the cursor moves on the screen along with the per inch movement of your mouse. 
Therefore, the screen size plays a key role in deciding the DPI of a given mouse. Cost Per Inch, on the other hand, refers to the physical resolution of a camera that is installed in the sensors of a mouse. It stands for sampling per inch. Therefore, CPI, as well as DPI, have a key role in deciding the sensibility of a mouse in any game. A good mouse carries a wider range of sensibility that improves the overall gaming experience and scores of its user. 

Weight: It mainly helps in deciding how much you will enjoy a particular game. If you are playing a game that involves flicking a mouse around then its weight will carry considerable significance for you. 

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