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Cordless VS Corded Gaming Keyboards: A Close Comparison

Gaming keyboards often get under the overlooked category of games accessories although they have a significant role in deciding the in-game results. It is the reason why the category of gaming keyboards is getting richer and richer with every passing day. The biggest dilemma for users is regarding wireless and wired gaming keyboards.

There are countless portals where you can purchase both Bluetooth keyboards and wired gaming keyboards with afterpay, debit cards, credit cards, digital wallets, etc. So, availability and convenience of purchase is never an issue, the only issue with respect to the confusion that often gets in the way. In this write-up, we are resolving one of the biggest dilemmas related to this category - the difference between corded and cordless keyboards. So, let’s get started: 

●While the wireless gaming keyboards provide the utmost convenience, they are on the table most of the time and are not as ergonomic to carry around as a wireless mouse. Also, in the last few years, wireless technology has lagged behind due to interference and battery issues. So, if you are into those games where keyboards aren’t that involved, you can always do with a corded gaming keyboard. 

●Another big convenience with Bluetooth gaming keyboards is that they keep the wire clutter away from your gaming desk. However, on the other side, they need frequent charging which means you will need wire connectivity either way. A wired keyboard, on the other hand, will need to be connected just once and have zero battery issues. 

●Cordless gaming keyboards are costlier than corded gaming keyboards. If you are planning to purchase a top-notch wireless gaming keyboard, it will cost you a significant part of your savings. They will still be costlier than the best-in-class wired gaming keyboards. With Bluetooth keyboards, you always pay extra for the technology that supports the wireless feature. Just make sure the one you choose suits your pocket. You can have similar ergonomics with wired and wireless keyboards along with other features. 

●The wired gaming keyboards have been rated as more reliable and stable when it comes to performance. If you can just take away all the cons related to the wireless gaming keyboard, you will be left with the best benefits of a corded keyboard. Most gamers like to rely on corded keyboards because no one wants to miss a chance to score or win a game as their keyboard stops working due to battery issues or lags behind due to interference. Wired keyboards can never interfere with the progress of your game and are also soft to your pockets. 

●    Latency is one of the next parameters that sets the difference between the most prevalent kinds of keyboards. If you are into gaming that needs split-second reactions, you may want to stick to reputed keyboards like Logitech that offer reliable options in both wired and wireless segments. The best part is, you can avail yourself either at a reasonable price as compared to other brands. If you are still insistent on going after wireless keyboard, then make sure that you check battery life. See how frequently it needs charging or it may spell trouble in the middle of your game. 

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