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Things You Should Know Before Purchasing A Dahon Bike


Brompton, Dahon, and Ortlieb are some of the names that you must have encountered while looking for folding bikes. While Dahon foldable bikes are known for their sturdy make, Brompton folding bikes have a huge fan following due to their stylish looks.  However,  in this write up we will keep our focus on Dahon bikes. If you are planning to buy a bike from this brand here are a few important facts that you must know. 

So Why Are Dahon Bikes Considered Above Others?

Dahon bikes are known for their excellent make even for the lower and middle range models. The brand excels in providing flawless value for money products along with an excellent network of distributors all across the globe. So yes, in terms of parts replacement and any warranty issues you can easily find its service centre within your date. Now let's move on to a few more questions that you may have in mind regarding this brand. 

Where Are Dahon Bikes Manufactured?

Dahon is a USA-based brand that now has a manufacturing plant in Taiwan. However,  most models of Dahon bikes are now being produced in mainland China and Bulgaria. The company has its corporate headquarters in Illinois. The parts for these bikes are sourced from a number of manufacturers located all over the world. 

What Is The Reason For Premium Price Of Dahon Bikes?

The reason for such high prices lies in the excellent make of Dahon bikes. Even its lowest price models have an aluminium frame along with a known drivetrain. It is one of the primary reasons why these bikes have a higher price tag as compared to other big brand bikes. However,  despite the high price tag most bikes from Dahon are more economical than Brompton and Ortlieb bikes. You may get a number of bikes cheaper than these but they will fall short in three primary ways: 

●     Firstly,  the premium quality steel frames that are used in the complete range of some high-end brands are extremely heavy. Dahon bikes on the other hand have aluminium frames that cost more but perform better due to their weightlessness and cost-effectiveness. 

●    Secondly,  all bikes of Dahon are equipped with entry-level Suntour and Shimano drivetrain parts. These are way costlier than their counterparts but can be serviced easily and deliver a more precise shift than others. 

●    Lastly, Dahon bicycles are being sold from shops which reflect in their price tags.  But it is a far better option than others that are sold online with no guarantee of servicing and parts availability in near future. 

These are a few basic points that prove the worthiness of Dahon bikes. It is a suitable option for students who want to take their classes along with another side job to pay their bills. If you are looking for some fancy features like a large cargo capacity, belt drive, and dynamo lighting, Dahon has made some terrific arrangements in all its models. 

These bikes are an excellent option for those who need to commute on a daily basis, run errands, or have a hobby to go for recreational rides every once in a while. 

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