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Tips For Choosing A Tap Timer For Irrigation

Automatic tap timers are part of the new faming automation systems that are slowly coming in rage. It allows its users to customize various aspects of irrigation that include volume of water, timing, and several other related factors. And if you are wondering about the range of devices in this category, you will find a complete range of products. You can either choose the simplest of timer or go with an advanced option depending on your requirement and preference. In this write-up, we are highlighting major types of irrigations timers and the features they are equipped with, so that you can make an informed choice. 


● Basic: The first thing that you need to learn about the types of timers available in market at the moment. The first one is is the basic timer that needs to be set manually and is very economical for every budget. The only catches that you did to keep a track on the lawn and adjust the timer as per requirement. 

●  Electronic: The next one is an electronic timer that comes will multitude of features and options. Electronic timers can be controlled with the smartphone or a computer from a distance allowing the user to make changes in real time according to change and weather. The best example of this category is the Gardena Tap Timer Flex Control that are currently in rage all over Australia. 
● Hybrid: The last category is that of hybrid tigers that have both digital readouts and simple sliders for setting up water duration. 

Programs And Zones

Irrigation systems work with set range of zones. Also known as circuits, zones are specific sections of a given landscape that have same irrigation valve and water line. Farmers all across the world divide their lands into set of zones so that plants needing more water irrigated more frequently as compared to those that need to be watered once a day. 

So, when you are out there you looking for a tap timer there are a few basic things that you need to keep in mind:

● A single valve will be enough to take care of of a group of sprinklers located in one zone. 
● Programs are nothing but watering schedules that determine the frequency and duration of irrigation. 
● If you are watering needs are very basic a single program timer will be enough to water all your zones.
● But if you own large landscapes or fields, you will need multiple programs  to cycle watering of different types of plants, shrubs, and grass in same duration. 

Efficiency Options

For the best watering experience, you must look into options like a built-in calendar, sunlight sensor, moisture sensor, number of programs, and so on. 

● If you are planning to set your timer outdoors, you need to purchase one that comes with the weather resistant cabinet.
● If your irrigation needs are complicated and large, you must look for a system that comes with the skip button. It will allow you to skip less water needed zones for time being. 
● Sunlight sensors will be very helpful if you are in a tropical or temperate region. They will adjust the water levels in a way that compensates for high rate of evaporation on warm days. 

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