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Do I Need To Be 50 Or Older To Receive Social Security Disability Benefits?

When an individual is under the age of 50, the Social Security Administration will classify such a person as a ‘younger individual’. The reason for this is because the Administration considers the age of 50 as a more advanced age. Applicants within this category follow a particular set of rules, termed as ‘grid rules’. The shift in rules at the age of 50 is because this age group may experience smaller health issues that can spiral into much more serious diseases. Therefore, if an applicant has a medical condition that limits their ability to work, they should be entitled to different requirements for the benefits. While people under 50 years old can still be accepted into the program, they must apply based on a different set of rules. A competent social security lawyer can help you better understand these rules, and assist in the application process.  Most lawyers are compensated by the Social Security Administration as part of the program.

Therefore, receiving this assistance is in most people’s best interest.

Explanation of the SSD Rules After the Age of 50

The social security grid rules evaluate how disabled an individual is, regardless of their medical condition or their diagnosis. Specifically, these rules analyze four significant factors when evaluating an application.

Residual functional capacity (RFC) is an evaluation of how much strength related work an applicant’s medical conditions will allow them to perform. The evaluation looks at things such as whether the applicant is able to walk, lift, stand and / or push. The evaluation has been subdivided into further categories: sedentary (cannot lift more than 10 pounds), light (can lift more than 10 pounds but less than 20 pounds), medium (frequent lifting of 25 pounds), and heavy (can lift more than 50 pounds). The less pounds an individual can lift will result in a greater chance the applicant will be eligible for benefits. 

Education is also subdivided into four categories: illiterate, limited education, high school diploma, and completion of skilled training. The less education the applicant has obtained, the higher the chance they will be approved for benefits.

Based on previous work experience, an applicant will be classified as: skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled. Like the rules above, the less experience an applicant has, the high the chance such a person will obtain benefits.

Transferability of skills. The administration will evaluate if you had skills in your last job that can be transferred to a new job (but maybe a similar position). The less skills an applicant has, the higher the chance such an applicant will be eligible for SSDI benefits.

A Social Security Lawyer Can Help You Apply

Based on the four factors above, an individual’s application will be analyzed and processed. Age-related diseases and illnesses occur more frequently as we grow older. As time passes, our bodies become less resistant, and more likely to develop some severe form of disease. Because of these age-related conditions, many people find they’re unable to work.  If you feel that you need Social Security Disability payments then, you will need to make a decision whether to apply on your own, or with the assistance of a specialized social security disability lawyer.  Needless to say, your case will be stronger with the assistance of an experienced social security disability lawyer.

Having the peace of mind of receiving monthly payments to aid you with your disability and living can allow you to focus on more important things in life such as maintaining health and relationships. Find a Lawyer specialized in assisting people with the Social Security Disability program.  Apply for your free case evaluation today.

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If you’re struggling to work due to a disability, then social security disability insurance may be a real solution to your problems. An attorney can advise if you are eligible for this federal program.  Consultations are free, and the benefits can last for years.  Find a Social Security Disability Attorney near me you today.

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