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What Difference Can A Variable Speed Pool Pump Make To Your Swimming Pool Maintenance?


It doesn’t matter how big or small is your pool, you will need a speed variable pump to maintain it. You may want to question its significance or want to take a look into its benefits against a centrifugal water pump or a regular pump.  In this blog, we will be clarifying some of those doubts and trying to turn your inclination towards the right kind of pool pump. Here are some primary benefits associated with pool pumps: 

1. Big On Energy Savings: A number of researches suggest that swimming pool pumps are the biggest consumers of power in the home. Therefore, you need to focus on a pump that keeps things within your wallet. Variable speed pool pumps help save money and energy both as their motor spins at reduced speeds and therefore consumes lesser watts and amps. As compared to a single-speed pump, variable speed pumps can reduce power bills by 50-80% even while running long hours every single day. If you are looking for recommendations then Pentair Whisperflo Pool Pumps have some very good options in this category. The best part about variable speed pumps is that these motors can be programmed as per requirement. 

2. Whisper-Quiet Working: most variable speed pumps have a permanent magnet motor that is very quiet as compared to its regular counterparts. If you really want to hear the pump, you need to put your ear close to the motor and stay very focused. Even at high speeds, variable speed pumps are way quieter than their standard versions. Figuratively, a variable speed pump generates 25% fewer decibels which stands at 40-50 dB while the standard pumps produce 60-70 dB sound. 

3. Flow Is Optimized As Per Requirement: Flexibility is one of the biggest factors that work in favour of variable speed pumps. You can set the speed for various tasks like cleaning, heating, filtering, running water features or spas. The standard pool pump motors work on a single-speed at 3450RPM for all these tasks which mean wastage of energy and money. For water features, variable speed pumps have a distinct range of flow rates. Similarly, lower flow rates heat up the pool more efficiently. The filtration flow rate is much lower as compared to other functions of the pump. You can set all speeds as per requirement and reset them if the nature of a specific requirement changes. All you need to do is figure out a perfect balance that can save some extra bucks every month. 

4. Efficient Water Filtration: Water is better filtered at slower speeds. If you need to trap any media, you can catch it better at slow-moving water. Pools running with standard pumps sprint at 3450RPM so it is possible that some of the garbage bypasses their traps leading to more mess in the pool. A lower flow rate lets the filter work with better efficiency and reduces this effect. It also extends the lifespan of filter media which wears off at a much faster rate when exposed to a high flow rate. 

5. Advanced Control System: Variable speed pumps have a sophisticated control system as compared to regular pumps. Most VS pumps come equipped with onboard computers that are a high upgrade over manual clocks. 

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