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Top 3 Tips To Convert Your Garden Into A Bright Space


There are very few people who understand the art of outdoor lighting. If you succeed in getting it right you get a stunning garden space that has the perfect combination of shadows and light. But if you make a mistake or some mistakes, it may end up being an expensive eyesore that degrades the overall appeal of your place along with costly power bills. There are four basic elements that play a key role when it comes to lighting up a garden: security, safety, entertainment, and ambience. Lighting is the common denominator that binds all these aspects together, therefore, it is important to know the right usage of light. In case, you were wondering how to do that, here are some tips that may help you figure it out: 

● Control Brightness With Lighting: Despite being mediums of illuminations, lights are characteristically different from each other. So, you have to be careful about where to use LED garden spike lights, outdoor LED spike lights, bulbs, light chains, etc. For example, if you are planning to light up your outdoor BBQ station or a small outdoor kitchen, you will need sufficient light for cooking and preparing meals. But if you are planning to just dine outside, you will need a softer ambience light. The key is to judge which area of your garden needs to be focused on and where exactly you can place lights to make that happen. You can go for hanging lights, string lights, or wall lights if you want to do some accent lighting. 

● Go subtle if you are entertaining: No one wants to sit down for a meal facing a spotlight. So, if your plans are to use your garden for dining purposes, you may want to keep the lighting subtle to give an inviting look to the space. To create an interesting atmosphere use indirect lighting and avoid any kind of harsh lighting. Your best options include outdoor LED lamps, pendant lights, and LED strip lights that emit a subtle glow. And for better control, add a dimmer to take full control over the outdoor atmosphere. It will allow you to keep the lights up while cooking on the BBQ station and then dim them to create a soothing ambience. 

● Always Keep Safety First: The first purpose of outdoor lighting is to keep your outdoors safe from any harm. It is the reason why paths and walkways are lighted up. It doesn’t matter how well aware you are of your backyard, any sudden or rapid movement in the dark can result in injury or sprain. So, for safety, you need to focus on lighting up the pathways, retaining walls, stairs, and slopes. Keep things simple while lighting up the paths and keep sufficient light to guide you to safety. But try to keep the brightness level to an optimum level and not so bright that it turns night into day. Try not to exceed 300-400 lumens in this regard. 

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