Best Handling Information For A Commercial Ice Machine
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Best Handling Information For A Commercial Ice Machine

Too many ice machines have broken because of improper use or from not taking proper care of the machine. There have also been machines that have to be tossed because of improper handling. There is some basic handling information for a commercial ice machine that every owner or operator should know about. Learning more about these machines and how to handle them with care will help to prolong the life of them.

Nobody should put their hands directly onto the machine. Bacteria grow faster in colder places and the bacteria from the hands will quickly pass onto the ice machine. If this happens, the ice machine will need to be completely junked and not used again. This will cost the business more money in having to buy another small commercial ice maker.

Storing the scoop near the bin is the best place for it. When it is kept in the commercial ice machine, it is more likely that someone will touch the ice or the machine trying to get the scoop out. Keeping a small container outside of the bin for the scoop is a great practice.

Before anyone gets into the machine, they should wash their hands. The health inspectors consider ice to be food in the commercial field. This means you should wash your hands before going near the machine just as you would need to before you go near the grill or another area where food is stored.

The middle of the bin should be cleaned at minimum of every other month but sooner is fine as well. The ice should all be taken out and anything that is built-up inside should be scraped out. Sanitizer should then be applied to the inside of the commercial ice machine before refilling the machine.

The cleaning cycle on the commercial ice machine should be run as much as the manual mentions. It will not completely get rid of every bacteria but cleaning it regularly will give the ice better taste.

Water filters in the small commercial ice maker should be replaced according to the manual as well. When replacing the filter, you are able to fight off possible contamination of the ice.

This is some of the basic handling information for a commercial ice machine. Anyone who owns or operates one of these machines should follow this information. If someone needs a commercial ice machine, they can contact Scots Ice Australia at for more information or to purchase what is needed.

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