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Why Cities Around The World Provide Bicycle Rental

Cycling is one of the most accessible vehicles to drive around in and has been a core part of our childhood growth. The best part is that it is a form of exercise for us. So finding any reason to ride a bicycle around is beneficial for our mental and physical health. Cycling reduces stress and congestion while giving a feeling of relaxation while driving. Sharing bikes is a great way to make involve everyone in making this a healthy routine. And that is where bike rentals come in.

Finding bike rental shops is a very easy task. You just have to give a voice command on your preferred voice service medium or search for ‘rent a bike near me’ in your browser, and you will get a list of the nearest rental stores. For example, if you are looking for bicycle rentals in Victoria, you will find a lot of options on Google, along with images and reviews of the bikes and shops. The rental system benefits a lot to society and the environment of the place. With more bicycles roaming around, and fewer vehicles, we are aiming for many benefits in our lives. Let’s see some of the best reasons for bicycle renting in the city:


  1. Inclusiveness: The bike rental system encourages more people to opt for bikes, and this way, they connect more people and promote a healthier lifestyle. But wouldn’t it be great to also include nearby small towns and villages in this program? Multiple cities are planning roads and paths for more cycling in the city, and this could get a step ahead if more towns around are added to the scheme. This will extend the boundaries of mapping for bike riding, and more people will become part of it.
  2. Evading Traffic: This is a widely popular concern that affects everyone on the road. More and more cars are making the traffic worse, and a very small part of the population realises that. Bicycles can resolve this issue to a great extent. It takes up much less space than other vehicles and doesn’t require any kind of fossil fuel to run around. It serves multiple purposes by replacing cars. Less traffic, more ease in driving, fewer accidents, zero pollution, no noise pollution, calorie burning while you ride, and better air to breathe in. These are some of the top perks, apart from using less space. Bike rentals can help more in this case, as people will find it easier to pick up the bike and go, rather than having their own bike, which may require maintenance once in a while.
  3. Test drive: Bike rentals are an excellent way to get into the habit of riding bicycles. And you also get to ride a bicycle, for which you are saving money. So it's a great way to test out different models before you actually invest in a bicycle of your own. As per a survey by Ademe in 2021, almost half of the people in the survey were found to be car users who were testing electric bikes before actually buying them. When the rent period was over, only 18% of people went back to using cars. So testing is a good way to try out different bikes and determine which one suits you best.

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