Aged Leads: Pros & Cons For Mass Action Leads

Published: 2023-05-15
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Aged Leads: Pros & Cons For Mass Action Leads


Attorneys frequently have to choose between two lead types, aged leads and live leads, when acquiring mass action leads. Both have pros and cons, and it’s critical to understand which type of lead is most appropriate for your marketing campaigns. In this post, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of aged leads and recommend some marketing techniques that will help maximize your results.

What are Aged Leads?

Aged or legacy leads are any leads that carry a significant delay between the lead being created and being sold or distributed. Legacy leads are commonly 30-90 days old. These leads can come from several sources, including lead generation firms, referrals, and purchased lists.
Pros of Aged Leads

Aged leads are frequently more affordable than fresh leads, making them an appealing option for attorneys on a tight budget. In turn, this reduced cost allows you to purchase larger volumes of leads.  Legacy leads can be a valuable resource for prospective customers who were not ready to commit when the lead was first created but are now more inclined to retain an attorney.
Cons of Aged Leads

The main drawback of aged leads lies in their quality. Legacy leads might have already retained lawyers or they might no longer be interested in taking legal action. Thus, they may convert at a lower rate than live leads. Furthermore, aged leads are frequently sold to multiple attorneys, meaning competition for the client’s business can be fierce.
Marketing Campaigns for Aged Leads

To maximize your success with legacy leads, consider establishing a focused email campaign offering free consultations or other relevant material to potential clients. You can also employ retargeting advertisements to reintroduce potential clients to your offerings and motivate them to take action. These types of campaigns enable attorneys to reach out to potential customers many times and keep their services at the forefront.

In conclusion, aged leads can be a valuable addition to any law firm’s lead generation strategy. While they may not have the highest conversion rates, they can still provide a steady stream of potential clients at a lower cost. By targeting aged leads with the right marketing campaigns and following up consistently, you can increase your chances of converting them into paying clients. And when used in conjunction with live leads and other lead generation tactics, aged leads can help you achieve your goal of growing your law firm and acquiring new clients. So don’t overlook the potential of aged leads in your lead generation strategy – they may just be the missing piece you need to take your law firm to the next level.

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