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What Does Manual Handling Course Involve?


Manual handling course is customized based on the nature of the organization. For instance, when it comes to healthcare organizations, it will teach the trainees how to manually handle patients when they are being transferred or shifted to a new room or moved to a new bed, etc. In the same way, for employees from a manufacturing unit, it will teach how to carefully handle huge machines without damaging the back and even the equipment. When you choose the right trainer, you can get both theoretical and practical education. You will learn the principles of safe handling and moving of patients if you are from the healthcare domain.

What do Studies Reveal?

Studies show that nearly 30% of accidents happen due to improper handling in different manufacturing units. Further, studies show that 50% of people, who are off work due to back pain get the pain back within a year. The alarming thing here is that 5% of back pain injuries can cause prolonged disability. To prevent these injuries, any healthcare and even organizations functioning in other domains can get a manual handling course online.

What to Consider When Choosing a Trainer?

When choosing a training institution for patient manual handling Dublin, it is better to look for the features listed below:

  • Check whether the trainer is QQI or Quality-Assured Training Provider of patient handling course Dublin.
  • Check whether the trainers in that training providing service have passed the QQ Level 6 Patient Handling Instructor Course.
  • Otherwise, the trainers should have completed QQI Level 6 Manual Handling Instructor Course.

When you get these assurances from a trainer, you can make sure that your employees will get the right training.

Check the testimonials:

Further, when you choose a trainer or training service for a manual handling course Dublin, it would be better to check whether they have posted testimonials of those who got this training. By reading the testimonials, you can reiterate and get satisfied yourself that you have chosen the right institution for providing the best practical and theoretical education to your staff.


Irrespective of the nature of the industry, manual handling is important. If you function in the healthcare domain, it is better to ensure that your employees are provided with a patient handling course online. Checking the features listed above will help you with identifying the right service provider to get this training to prepare your employees to provide the best care and support to your patients.

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