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What Makes The Ortlieb Handlebar Pack QR So Special?

Ortlieb Handlebar-Pack QR represents a rather fresh take on the top-loading handlebar bags. It is a recently released product under Ortlieb’s umbrella and is certainly getting well-deserved attention from bikers all over the world. Top-loading handlebar bags were long infested with the traditional long-flapped saddlebags. They were good once upon a time but were more of a burden lately. They left little room on the handlebar and needed to be more user-friendly.


Best ortlieb handlebar bag worked on all these requirements and came up with a product that covers all these flaws and offers several add-ons to the bikers. It comes with a single deep pocket along with expandable vertical packing space that leaves some more space on the handlebar for other useful stuff. The top-opening interface is highly user-friendly, it is receiving a lot of attention and admiration from bikers.


There are several features that make this bag the best in the present day handlebar section:


  • Bar-Lock: The bag comes with a new bag fastening system - the bar lock. It eases the locking unlocking mechanism and makes it simpler to attach and detach the bag from the handlebar within no time. You can now easily and quickly take off the bag and take it around with you.


  • Bar-Lock Rope Attachment: Another added mechanism that ensures secure and stable attachment of bag with the handlebar. This feature is a boon for off-roading enthusiasts, now you need not worry about the bag going loose in rough terrains. The bag also comes with internal compressions and a roll closure adjustable height that promises safe storage of equipment and gears. Along with that, the front side has two more hooks with Camlock fasteners. You now have an extra option with respect to compression.


  • Amazing Volume to Weight Ratio: The handlebar pack QR has an 11-litre volume and weighs just 530 grams. It is loaded from above and the design narrows down to just 32 centimetres. So, all those long gravel riders and racers can now thank ortlieb bags Australia to think about their biking challenges. If you want a safe place for your snacks or some extra accessories, the bag has lateral outer pockets to take care of those.


  • Best Protection: The bag is made of abrasion-resistant nylon fabric produced in Germany. It can withstand heavy rains and even snowfalls while protecting the things stored inside it. Its loading capacity goes up to five kilograms.


  • Available With Optional Inner Pocket: If you like to keep things organized and neat, then you can always team the bag with an extra Handlebar-Pack QR inner pocket. It will secure your mobile phone, cash, and cards separately.


  • Unique Design: The bag is a blend of traditional designs and modern convenience. It has a waterproof construction, extra pockets, and a design that takes optimum space on the handlebar. If you are on a or going for a race in Spain, this bag is a single-stop solution for all your biking requirements.



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