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Best Corded Gaming Mouses 2021


The right kind of mouse can change the course of your game. Whether you need assistance with the right shape or weight, customized software or shortcuts, this guide will cover all aspects for you. However, here we have only picked the best-corded gaming mouse, so if you are looking for advice on cordless mice, you might want to switch to some other article. 

Hyper X Pulsefire Haste Gaming Mouse: It is a comfortable, lightweight, and reasonably priced gaming device. Its stylish honeycomb chassis and onboard memory make it really a special choice. It is an esports mouse with incredible balance. Its weightlessness and exceptional hand support have turned countless reviewing editors in its favor who will pick it over any cordless mouse any day. The only scope improvement lies in the RGB lighting in it. 

Glorious PC Gaming Race Model D Gaming Mouse: This one inherits the features of some of the best gaming mouse makers. Since its release, Glorious earned a rapid reputation for its ambidextrous feature. It is a very useful option for those who love to engage in war with both their hands. Games and activities involving heavy competition need a device like this. Despite its clichéd name, it deserves the attention of any player who wishes to stay on top of his game without losing any points. Both it’s Model O and the model for the right hand, Model D can be purchased within a price range of $49.99 - $59.99. It is an extremely light mouse with a flawless shape and a very distinctive look. It is worthy of being on every winner’s list. 

Corsair Sabre RGB Pro Champion Series Gaming Mouse: This one is very much like your normal mouse; however, its major features and creative add-ons make it ideal for esports pros. This one features a very unassuming design and promises a performance way superior to a normal esports mouse. It is much lighter than it looks and provides very strong hand support, a quick button combo, and allows you to customize the DPI settings. Along with this, you can rely on its revamped iCue configuration software. The only challenge you may face is related to its 8000Hz hyperpolling feature that has very few CPU specs. 

Mad Catz R.A.T. 8+: This one is as unique as it looks. If you are looking for a model that looks jazzy but offers comfort and high-end device abilities. It is an excellent choice for players who need lots of flexibility and buttons. The best thing about its mouse is its customizable parts that feel very good to your hands. The partly open-shell look is unique in feel as well as experience. However, you will find it at the high end of the price range and the adjustable features are quite small in size so they get misplaced very easily. Those looking for a heavyweight configuration might find it a bit light. Overall it is a good piece that offers worth for the price you pay. 

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