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A Basic Guide To Choosing A Foldable Bike

Are you looking forward to getting a folding bike but don’t know about choosing the right one? Here is a guide that will help you select the right option for yourself. Typically, there are five things that need to be paid proper attention to filter the one that serves your needs.


  1. Frame Size: It is one of the first things that needs to be checked. Although the size of most bikes fall in a common range, there are some minute differences that make them different from each other. They look like kids' bikes but can be adjusted to seat even the tallest individuals. The frame size isn’t a big differentiator but you must check if the handlebars and the seat can be adjusted well to suit your height.


  1. Suspension: Suspension is the mechanism that adds some more weight to a given bike. Bigger wheels allow smoother rides as compared to those with a smaller diameter. Nevertheless, suspension is the supporting mechanism that overcomes the size challenge. They are useful in countering the friction offered by smaller size wheels. It adds some extra weight and pressure on the bike. So, if you are looking for a small sized bike, you need to be attentive to the kind of suspension mechanism present in it.


  1. Wheel Size: A rather important criteria despite the presence of suspensions. Wheel size has a huge impact on the ride quality and folding mechanism of a given bike. So, you need to find the one that balances both these factors while serving your taste and preference.


  1. Folding Mechanism: Folding method totally depends on your preference. Currently, three types of folding mechanisms are leading the markets. These include the break away, triangle fold, and half fold mechanism. The half fold is the easiest in terms of dismantling but it also takes away the sturdiness of the bike. The triangle fold scores high in terms of sturdiness but brings down the score on ride quality. The breakaway folding mechanism is easier to dismantle and does not have an adverse impact on the ride quality. The only challenge is that their assembling takes a little extra time.


  1. Purpose: Last but the most important one, this criterion will decide the brand and model you will take home finally. If you are looking for a bike for short journeys or some leisure rides along the city, then a slim and small bike will serve your purpose well. But if you are looking for a bike that needs to be carried with you on public transportation or across national borders, then you will need the one that has a simpler folding mechanism. The bikes that are easier to fold are also easier to pack.


 In crux, the bike that you select will depend on all the criteria mentioned above. It is better to form a checklist and then start ticking on them one by one while checking the specification of given bikes. The one that checks on all five parameters should be the one that will serve you the best.



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