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Tips On Choosing The Best Intel Xeon Processor For A Server CPU


The CPU or the Central Processing Unit is the most essential part that needs careful planning before purchase. Intel being one of the biggest makers of processors owns the most comprehensive range of computer processors. In this article, we will be giving you an overview of Intel Xeon processors families with a few suggestions about which one to buy depending on your work requirements. Whether you need something for the creation of digital content or VR applications, Intel has something that would certainly meet your expectations. 

●    Whenever you are out to choose a Xeon CPU, it is essential to select a compatible motherboard along with it. Since Intel has a regular update regime for its complete range of products, it is important to know that you need the latest generation. If you are planning to upgrade your present Intel Xeon Processor with a better model, Intel will cover that. 

●    Xeon processors primarily aim at servers and workstations. These processors have many more cores as compared to the mainstreams Intel CPUs for desktops But if you are looking for better clock speeds, you need to check out Core i9 and i7 counterparts. Xeon CPUs have much more business-critical, built-in technology along with error-correcting code (ECC) memory. This kind of memory prevents system crashes and data corruption. 

●    In business houses, workloads are constantly up, even the smallest downtime may cost more than what you paid for ECC memory. Therefore, Intel has blessed Xeon with a lot more RAM as compared to the Core range of CPUs. The price for the Xeon processors well compensates for all these features. 

Understanding The Intel Xeon Range of CPUs

All Intel Xeon processor chips are divided into unique families that work with a complete range of systems: 

●    Xeon Scalable: It is mainly used for multi-processor servers or workstations. 
●    Xeon W-3200: These chips target high-end workstations. 
●    Xeon W-2200: Just like W-3200, these are used for high-end workstations. 
●    Xeon W-1200: Mostly used for mid-range workstations. 
●    Xeon E-2200: These are mostly used for entry-level servers. 

Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Intel Xeon Scalable processors are currently in their 3rd generation. They are known for delivering best-in-class optimised performance along with built-in AI acceleration to speed up the transformative impact of data. This category has an extensive range of processors subdivided into three categories: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All models are deployed with a minimum of two processors per system. 

Intel Xeon Platinum

Intel Xeon Platinum 8300 processors family are industry-leading, agile, secure, and hybrid-cloud datacentre workloads. Each CPU from this category provides 80 threads and 40 cores. They are capable of supporting up to 64 lanes of PCIe 4.0 lanes and  6TB memory per socket for NVMe SSDs and add-in cards. These CPUs are made for mission-critical applications like AI, multi-cloud workloads, machine learning, and real-time analytics. 

Memory Configurations

Intel 3rd gen Xeon Scalable Processors come with an 8-channel memory controller that supports 6TB memory that is comprised by the customary DDR4 ECC Registered DIMMs or a mix of the previous plus Intel Persistent Memory DIMMs. 

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