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The Advantages Of Hunter Pop-Up Sprinkler Heads

There is hardly any corner where you wouldn’t find hunter pop-ups in Melbourne. Their utter simplicity, efficiency, and value have placed it on the top in the sprinkler segment all over Australia. Hunter has been in the business of irrigation tools for over 38 years now. The brand owns both residential and irrigation supplies segments across the world. It is also respected for its innovation and ability to provide value for the money. 

With respect to sprinklers, Hunter offers superior quality rotators that are hard to compete with. Their unique design prevents any kind of materials to tangle or stick to the rotor blades and thus ensures they don’t get damaged with ease. There are several other features that prove these product’s superior to their counterparts: 

●    Ease Of Use: The Hunter pop-up sprinkler works on both manual and automatic modes. It means once you install the sprinkler system and set the timings, you don’t need to look back over the landscape. It is best for those who need to run errands or be in the office during the peak hot hours. You know wherever you are, your green patch wouldn’t go dry. 

●    Water-Efficiency: Hunter Industries is best known for its innovative technologies. Since water shortage is rising in Australia, Hunter has kept water efficiency in focus with respect to its products. So, you can rest assured about optimum water usage for landscapes, lawns, and all the green patches that you own. 

●    Value: Landscaping is a tricky business as it needs substantial investments and careful maintenance. An automatic sprinkler system can play a key role in securing your investment and ensure healthy growth, endurance, and lasting plants. Everyone agrees with the value that a healthy green landscape may add to the value of a property. 

●    Controllers: Controllers are the brains that regulate the overall working of sprinkler heads. They are capable of deactivating and activating the irrigation zones as per their defined settings. When programmed properly, they ensure that the given patch of land receives a sufficient amount of water. The selection of the right kind of sprinkler depends on the size and number of zones needing irrigation and whether more zones are to be added in near future. 

●    Simplicity: It is not hard to program the Hunter pop up sprinklers. Apart from their advanced capabilities, you can also upgrade the Hunter controllers with products like the Solar Sync ET sensors that flex the irrigation schedule depending on the light intensity, temperature, and weather conditions. A system like this is very much needed when the states and countries are facing water shortages. 

●    Rotors: Hunter pop up sprinklers are capable of spraying water to the distance of 15 -160 feet. These sprinklers are designed to water large-sized turf areas that spread a solid stream of water again and again over a designated region. There is no comparison to the quality of rotors offers by Hunter, it is the only brand that offers PGP rotors since its inception. Rotors are the best solution for grass-based landscapes if space permits. 

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