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Know The Bike Folding Mechanism?


What Is A Folding Bike?

A bike that can be folded, carried, and stored with convenience is a folding bike. The design elements of such bikes are more focused on ease of use, which makes them different from their regular version. Folding bikes are classified on the basis of their folding mechanisms and their related components. 

The folding mechanism of a bike defines its speed of assembly, compactness, and weight. Every brand wants to ace these factors by presenting the user with the most viable solution. The rate of innovation is quite high in this field, this explains the huge diversity of brands and folding mechanisms in the present-day market. 

The Story

Folding mechanisms are directly related to the usability of bikes. Back in the day when bikes were the fastest medium of commutation, the military started using them for infantry purposes. The first folding bike was developed in 1900. It weighed  15 pounds and had a rifle rack along with it. The design was revamped during the second world war, it could withstand being dropped by parachute but weighed 32 pounds. Post-war, more and more people realised the importance of folding bikes and the makers kept revising the design elements to suit user requirements. Long story short, constant revisions and innovations finally led to the plethora of folding mechanisms that we see today. 

The Advantages

Folding bikes have a wider fan following than their rigid counterparts. There are many reasons for this, the most notable ones are as follows:

●    Easy Access to Public Transport: Whether you are commuting by taxi, bus, or train, you can just place your folded bike next to you. Also, it is free of cost to carry a folding bike on public transport. It is a boon if you are a tourist and wish to go on a bike tour in Australia, Europe etc. Just rent a foldable electric bike and you can move kilometres across any city without any hassle. 

●    Convenience: Folding bikes are still a little short of the mainstream market, so it is possible that thieves may yet be unaware of their locking/unlocking mechanism. Since you can carry it around anywhere and keep it next to your work desk or bed, the chances of losing it are slim to none. 

●    Space-Savvy: The folding mechanisms allow the bikes to squeeze in the most unusual corners. Whether it is public transport or workspace or your home, it can easily be placed in a small corner and stored without any parking or storage charges. 

●    Economic: The rising fuel prices and the need for fitness strongly point towards a healthier alternative to regular modes of commutation. A foldable electric bike kills both birds with one stone. It saves money and burns fat, what more can you ask for!!

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