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How Is An Online Manual Handling Training Offered?

Are you wondering how is an online manual handling training offered? You are in the right place. You can learn how professional training institutions offer this course online. But, before gathering this information, it would be a good idea to understand what is the objective of this course.

What is the Goal of Online Manual Handling Training?

Not only online manual handling training but even the purpose of this course offered by any institution in a physical location is to provide learners like you with the skill required to handle manual handling tasks. Not just skills, it will teach you the attitude and knowledge required to successfully complete these tasks. If your employer in Ireland provides this course to you, it is possible to understand that your employer wants to make sure that his organisation follows the HSA requirements rightly.

What Will You Learn?

When you take an online manual handling course, you can gain the following knowledge:

•    You will learn how to perform manual handling tasks according to the principles laid for safe manual handling.
•    Can understand the nutrition required for careful manual handling
•    Can learn the different devices available to bring down the risk associated with improper manual handling
•    Learn about the risks associated with manual handling tasks
•    Understand the role played by different parts in your spinal column when you engage in manual handling tasks. You can also learn about their composition and characteristics in these tasks.
•    Learn about your and your employer’s responsibility concerning manual handling.
So, now, you know what can you learn from online manual handling training. But, you are wondering how is this course offered online, isn’t it? Read on to learn more:

How is Online Manual Handling Training delivered?

The best course providers for online manual handling training like Qualtec will have a dedicated learning management system in place. So, they will offer theoretical training either through an LMS or even online. How about practical education? Yes, a good course should provide both theoretical and practical training. So, practical education is provided through a platform Zoom. 


In short, it is possible to get online manual handling training either from the comfort of your home or office. Thanks to technology! It has made many things easier for us in our lives. Training and education is no exception to this rule. So, get ready to make yourself competent in manual handling today!

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