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What Makes The Birdy Folding Bikes So Special?


Germany is well known for vehicles whether it is a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler. Birdy is one of the best-known brands of folding bikes across the world. There are very few bikes that have both rear and front suspensions and Birdy bikes happen to be among those few ones. They are equipped with a single welded aluminium frame that makes them sturdier than others while keeping the weight under control. That is why every single Birdy bike is capable of yielding the best performance in its respective category. All its models can easily be folded, unfolded and easily rolled with any kind of rider. All models including the Birdy R20 11SP bikes are public transport friendly and can be carried on both bus and train. 

Even though Birdy bikes have several similarities, every single model has its own unique features. Every single model has been designed to suit the specific requirements of different riders. Here we are describing some of the best Birdy bikes that should be noticed if you plan to invest in a folding bike in near future: 

●    Birdy New Classic: Birdy New Classic is a first or beginner level model in the line of Birdy folding bikes. It is the best model for those who are at the beginning of their cycling journey. New Classic is known for its unique look the credits for which go to its retro tubular frame design. Its mainframe is cylindrical in shape which is a throwback to the first Birdy bike. It is an unusual piece with an old design and a modern frame. The frame has a single welded aluminium piece that resembles other Birdys from the same brand. It makes the overall folding bike much lighter than those offered by other brands. Apart from its unusual frame design, the New Birdy Classic is the sole model that features V-Calliper brakes. 

●    Birdy City: The new Birdy City is an entry-level Birdy folding bike model that closely resembles the New Classic. What sets its apart from the New Classic is its high-grade components along with a Gen 3 monocoque frame. Its Gen 3 frame is stiffer than the New Classic and promises less flex while riding. It has a single welded aluminium piece which is lighter but stronger than frames of other folding bikes. It is a perfect bicycle for those who like to cycle for leisure or commute every day with cycle. Birdy has equipped this model with a 9 speed Shimano Sora derailleur which is one more than the New Classic. 

●    Birdy TuoringPLUS: As the name suggests, this model is suitable for all kinds of tourists. It is the only Birdy model with a multitude of speeds. The additional number of speeds deem it a perfect bike for long-distance tours and rides. Its gears are divided into 3 internal and 8 external gears. Its Sturmey Archer internal gear hub keeps the gears dirt-free and safe. It is easy to clean and maintain as compared to bikes with other exposed gears. 

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