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Practical Reasons To Use A Legal Lead Generation Service To Get The Best Legal Leads For Lawyers

You need clients, but you don’t want just any clients.  You want the best clients, who have strong cases, and who are a breeze to work with.

You’re not the only one. With over 50,000 law firms in the United States, the competition for those clients is insane.  Getting the best legal leads for lawyers is difficult, and for some lawyers out of reach.  But with the right help it can be an effortless cost-effective experience.

Lawyers around the country are weighing their options between legal lead generation campaigns, and in-house methods of marketing. The reality though, is legal lead generation sources are still the most practical method for getting the best legal leads for lawyers, and here is the argument why.

Save Money and get Full TCPA Compliance 

The U.S. Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is a headache for lawyers.  It creates regulatory compliance issues that can become very expensive, very fast.  You have to have opt-in, store consent, manage Do-Not-Call lists, unsubscribe lists, and implement data validation software to remove scammers and malware bots.  When you outsource lead generation you save huge amounts of money on software subscriptions and tech integrations.  The cost savings can equate to thousands of dollars per month.  Additionally, violating the TCPA could result in a fine of $500 for each infraction. All of this makes the outsourcing of this function a practical move.

Buy in to Bigger Campaigns and Get Traction on the Most Competitive Keywords

With so much fierce competition in the legal lead space, it’s challenging to get strategic key words at a cost-effective rate.  There are huge companies betting big money on getting those search results.  Most law firms will be priced out.  For this reason it makes practical sense to buy into a large lead generation campaign. It isn’t effective to be a solo-practitioner and try to out-bid everyone else in the marketplace.  Legal marketing aggregators have professionally-run campaigns, and the fruits of those campaigns are then sorted among the law firms (in unique zip codes) who bought in. You will have a higher chance of capturing the best legal leads for lawyers with these campaigns.  It makes practical sense, and in the long-run produces a much lower cost-per-lead.

Save time on your Legal Lead Generation

Your time is limited, use it wisely. From communicating with current clients to tracking down new leads, your day is probably filled with tasks. Weigh the value of that time, and ask yourself how do you want to spend it?  You can spend it working with graphic designers, building websites, and buying media.  Due to the competitive nature of marketing, you will need to spend substantial time learning about online marketing to compete.  Are you ready to invest the time and resources? This is why it makes plain practical sense to outsource to people who do this full-time.  

Ready to Grow Your Firm? 

We are Grow My Firm Online, a legal lead generation company. We provide exclusive, qualified leads, with a return guarantee.  With Grow My Firm Online, you get more clients in your inbox and the results start immediately. Buying into one of our active campaigns ensures you have full time experts working to get you the best legal leads for lawyers. Contact us today to find out how much traffic we currently have in your area.

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