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A Smart Guide To Choosing A Bike Handlebar Bag

Shopping for the best handlebar bags may not be a very fun activity if it is your first trip down this lane. You may come across some sponsored articles that talk about one specific company which may further leave you confused and irritated. It is important to understand what a handlebar bag is? A handlebar bag is a medium-sized bag that can be set on the handlebar and can be used to keep your essentials safe. Normally, handlebar bags are a part of the bikepacking sets that consist of harness, handlebar bag, frame bag, top tube bag, and saddlebag. If you are lucky, you will find a set that has some more bags that can be attached to various other bike parts like its fork. But here, we will strictly be discussing the handlebar bags. 

Handlebar bags come in very handy as they are in direct reach of the rider. You can easily keep the most essential items like a small water bottle, goggles, map, phone, etc. There are a few parameters that are considered important in the selection of a handlebar bag. 

●    Capacity: Normally, the capacity of handlebar bags goes between two and ten litres. You will need to decide the capacity depending on your handlebar’s holding capacity and trip requirements. For example, if you are riding a folding bike you may need a small to medium size bag. The size may vary from brand to brand like the capacity of the best Ortlieb handlebar bags goes from 3.5 litres to 10 litres depending on the user’s requirement. If you are taking a small trip in pleasant weather even a small 2-3 litres bag will suffice, however, if you plan to spend a few hours on rough terrain then you will need water, goggles, a map and other such essentials at your finger tips. 

●    Material: It is recommended to rely on waterproof bags as compared to regular bags. Look for the bags that are covered with waterproof material internally. Also, see that the rain cover provided in the bag is solid and thick and not some flimsy thing that gives after one or two exposures to rough weather. If you have any electronic items like a camera or phone that needs to be placed in the handlebar bag then you need to find a bag that is both waterproof and with inner padding. Inner padding will provide better protection to fragile items. Usually, the best quality items like Ortlieb back roller panniers and handlebar bags come installed with a layer of coated foam rubber. If you have an inclination towards stiff bags that promise the best protection keep in mind that they are more fragile than the others. 

●    Handlebar Connection: One of the most important parameters, it holds maximum importance as the other two depends on this factor. There are so many who end up with a wrong purchase because they didn’t pay attention to the handlebar connection on their bike. The bag either proves to be heavier than expected or moves sideways and puts the cycle’s handle out of balance. So, whenever you are out there shopping keep the handlebar connection type in your mind. 

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