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Most Striking Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Kerb appeal has a direct relationship with outdoor lighting. Your landscape and garden may look beautiful under the sun, but if it disappears under darkness, it may lose its magic. LED lighting trends have been making rounds in Sandringham for a few years now. Outdoor lighting is not a luxury but a basic requirement that prevents accidents and keeps the property secured. There are many ways to dress up the front yard and illuminate it to give a stunning look to your property. But if you are looking for unique ideas here are some: 

1.Overhead Deck Lights: Installation of motion sensors is a must for security and lighting. And if you can arrange for overhead solar lighting, it would just save your electric bill. Overhead lights need to be placed strategically with sensitivity sensors. If you can just place some in the backyard and the front yard, it will light up the whole place without adding to your electricity bills. You may purchase the best ones from Amazon. 

2.Solar Pathways Lights: Pathway lights can help give a modern and sleek look to your place especially if you have a long driveway, walkway or pathway on your property. Such lights have a clear lens that allows a classy chic finish and optimum lighting. 

3.Clear Globe String Lights: If you have a small garden or a small open place in front of your home, you may give it a romantic and cosy atmosphere with a string of lights. Globe lights can be a perfect alternative for fence gates , porches, and pergolas. These lights are great when you wish to give a dreamy and warm glow to your fence gates, porches, and pergolas. These are also great additions if you like to throw parties or have smal get togethers in your yard every once a month. 

4.Dragonfly Fairy Lights: Dragonflies are known for their light presence and elusive nature. Dragonfly fairy lights can be perfect for giving a whimsical and striking look to a green space. You can go with any colour and place the lights on fences, windows, grass, plants, and trees. They can give a twinkling touch to your plants. You can check out your local stores or online stores to pick icicle dragonfly string lights. 

5.Hanging Bottle Lantern: Hanging bottle lanterns are creative, quirky, and colurful in nature. They have a huge fanbase among garden lighting lovers and since these lights are eco-friendly they present a great deal to all those who are looking for unique and colourful lighting solutions for your place. Hanging lights are ideal for backyards and trees. 

6.Wide-Angled Sensor Light: If you are looking to secure your backyards or front rnatrance with a bright and powerful illumination then wide-angled sensor lights can be of great use. These lights come with 120-degree sensors, a wider range of illumination, and quite an elegant design. You wouldn’t need any extra lights if you place two or three of these ahead or in rear of your property. Just add some cameras and your front and rear ends are secured. 

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