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Best Reasons To Choose A Compact Folding Bike

There is no end to the range of options in the bike category. Whether you wish to categorize them on a gender basis, size basis, portability basis or even as per something as simple as colour, you will find plenty of choices in every niche. But as the requirement and times are changing so are buyers’ expectations. Bikes are increasingly becoming a choice for travel, tourism, and daily commute in several parts of the world including Australia. 

People want bikes that can be carried easily in buses, trains, and even to different floors of a building. This need gave rise to the compact folding bike segment that offers seamless integration of cycling in every possible lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you are facing a lack of space or need to take a ride to some tough terrain on the border of your city, a folding bike can answer all kinds of dilemmas. In case you are intrigued about how they make our lives simpler, here are some of the best ways you must know about: 


●    Domestic Storage: It is one of the most appealing and most overlooked benefits of owning a compact folding bike. While portability is one of the most talked-about features of folding bikes, storage is something that is of prime concern for most bike owners. Not everyone is blessed with large garages or vehicle sheds, students, tourists, and riders mostly live in apartments, hostels or hotels none of which have extended parking or bike storage facility. Folding bikes can easily be carried to upper stories of buildings, inside hotel rooms or PG rooms and hung on walls, stored in cupboards or placed under beds. 


●    Storage In Car Trunks: It is not easy to transport a bike over a car. People are often worried that their bikes may get stolen if they leave them in parking or their new leather seats may get wet when it rains. With a folding bike, you may stay free from that worry as it can easily be stored in a car’s trunk. It is more secure from external elements including thieves, weather, and any other harms that may come to it. Apart from that, it is a boon for adventurers and off-road trip lovers. You can easily fit the bike in your car’s trunk and then begin your off-road adventure outside the city. Such bikes are also a boon for all those who love spur of the moment rides. 


●    Connect The Last Mile: The last miles of every journey is quite difficult and you may find it hard to move from one point to another. Folding bikes can be the medium to transportation gap and help connect the last mile. 


These are some of the primary reasons for choosing a folding bike over a regular one. Though you can have your own, on a broad scale, folding bikes come with their pros and cons. Make sure you weigh all before you make your final pick. 

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