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Why There Is No Match To Ortlieb Rear Panniers?


Perfection is an attribute found in a specific part of the human population. People who love to travel in an organized manner stop at nothing to find the best equipment for their tours. Rear panniers happen to be an imminent part of bike tours and in several aspects important for a smooth and peaceful experience. In this department, Ortlieb has a cult-like following. Ask anyone in the bike touring world and they will confirm the repute Ortlieb holds in terms of rear panniers. 

If you wish to delve deep, visit any Ortlieb rear pannier review segment and you can see how it is flooded with positive feedback. Though there are some minor negative comments most of them are suggestions rather than complaints about quality or performance. For more, you can scan the official website of Ortlieb and check out the YouTube reviews to get an idea of what genuine users have to say about them. 

Most people who took these panniers on road had high praises for the quality and durability of these bags. Whether you have a colour preference, style preference or material preference, these bags are out to meet every kind of requirement. Although when it comes to cost, the prices are a bit high they are worth every penny. You may consider it a long term investment as it will pay back every single buck in months, a few years and sometimes even a decade. 

What Makes Ortlieb Rear Panniers Best? 

●  Ease of use: Panniers need to be clipped at least twice every day if you are on a bike tour. Therefore, the process of clipping and unclipping needs to be easy and quick. The Ortlieb pannier system comes with automatic opening and closing hooks that work just by lifting the handle of pannier. When the pannier needs to be lifted with the handle, the user can open the hooks placed on opposite side. The pannier can than be hooked into the bike rack. It minimizes the amount of time spent on fitting and removing pannier from the rack. 

● Waterproof: A number of riders will give you account of how they were soaked to the skin and yet their stuff was dry and safe in the bike pannier. Even there are stories of panniers being covered in mud and the panniers still kept things dry and safe when showered with water. 

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