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Important Tips For Buying Folding Bikes In Australia

Staying fit not just helps with fitness but also helps the environment by saving you from emitting 1.3 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. And if you have a folding bike it further elongates the list of pros. With increasing diversity in this category, there cannot be a better time than now to invest in this two-wheel wonder. 

If you are looking for options there is hardly any dearth of best folding bikes in Australia. Everyone right from the government to fitness enthusiasts, doctors, and environmentalists has them in their recommendations. However, there are a few considerations that need a closer look if you are serious about getting one for yourself. It's true that they resolve a number of issues faced by normal bike owners but still, it is better to understand both sides of this story. Here are a few things you should know about purchasing and maintaining a folding bike: 

●    Folding bikes address some of the basic issues faced by regular bikes. Cycle riders are mostly short on space and need extra parking facilities. Folding bikes, on the other hand, can be carried upstairs or inside the workplace, public transport, or apartment as per requirement. It is a huge benefit given the fact that Australian cities and towns are installing bike lockers, bike racks, etc. 

●    Look for a bike that has easy folding and unfolding mechanisms. You can go to showrooms and try out a few models like Dahon folding bike, Ortlieb etc Remember that you may not get the knack of mechanism in a go. It will take a while to understand and get used to folding and unfolding. 

●    Since you will be carrying the bike on your shoulder make sure the one you choose is light and portable. Portability refers to the ease of folding and carrying. If you plan to carry it on your shoulder make sure that the bike is packed in a way that it doesn’t soil your clothes. If it can be wheeled in the folded state, nothing like it. 

●    The bike’s compactness also plays a key role in ease of use. It should be compact enough to get to the place where you wish to store it. There are a few companies that offer optional carry bags with their products that keep the user and the vehicle from dust. It is an important point to keep in mind. If you are using Queensland’s Citytrain services, you might be aware that it allows passengers to carry folding bikes 24x7 providing they are in a travel bag (up to or less than 79 x 59 x 36cm). 

●    Lastly, the bike should be stable and comfortable to ride. Remember, folding bikes have a slightly less sturdy frame, smaller wheels, and a higher sear post. It will be some time before you get used to it. Also, turning on corners with one hand while signalling turns with the other is a bit tricky with these bikes. Make sure you ace it before you start commuting to work. 

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