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How Bike To Work Trend Is Revolutionizing Daily Commute In Several Parts Of The World?


If you have been observant to your surroundings you may notice a lot of Australians riding bike to work every day. There is hardly any end to the benefits associated with cycling, it saves money, helps the planet, saves time wasted in crawling queues at peak traffic hours, saves fuel, and so on. The basic thumb of rule is that is you are living within 15 kilometres radius of your workplace, you can always make the smart choice of biking to work instead of driving to work.

If you wish to make things better, you can always choose a folding commuter bike to both ride and carry your bike.


How To get Started With Biking?

A lot of people have questions and dilemmas when it comes to riding to work. So, to simplify things here are a few tips and suggestions that may help clarify the confusions and help them take an informed decision.


  • Time Saviour: As we said before, if you live within 15 km radius of your workplace, you can easily ride to work. It offers a faster mode to work especially during peak hours. In case, you have a long journey to office you can always save time by getting a that can be cycled to and from train station at both ends. Needless to add that it will save your gym time by giving you enough workout with least expense.
  • Helps With Fitness: The length to which you bike may surprise you. Initially you can start with partial biking and partial train ride and as you get more confident you can increase the distance. Once it becomes a routine you will see considerable difference in your fitness levels.
  • Learn The Art of Journey Planning: Plan your journey then just deciding one day to pedal to work. See which are the best paths, quiet streets, roads with good biking infrastructure and which paths have best volume of riders while you bike to and from work. You can begin by taking a few trial rides at one or two weekends and then try recruiting some colleague or friends to your journey.
  • Get The Right Gear: Look for the clothes that are lightweight and quic to dry to get maximum flexibility while riding. Similarly get a bike helmet and check the trip facilities at your workplace like showers and lockers. If your ride is for more than 3-4 kilometres you can always pack your work clothes and wear them at work after a shower.

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