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The Common Issues With Automatic Tap Timers And How To Resolve Them

Sensor-based taps with automatic tap timers are the best thing that may happen to your yard, field and landscape. We are living in times where clean water is a luxury for millions, so, all those who have easy access to it have a collective responsibility to use it wisely and with caution. It is not much you have to do to play your part except for minimizing wastage and making maximum use of available water in your tap. 

A tap timer flex control can thus help you save water, minimize water wastage and play your role in the development of the community. That’s the nice part, but there are some issues that you may want to keep a check on to avoid any wastage or over-irrigation of plants. Here are a few basic issues and their solutions that you must know : 

● Irrigation At Odd Times: Usually sprinkler systems come equipped with 9-volt batter as well as some AA batteries for power backup, there are a few others that are powered by wall adapters. The latter lose their power whenever your place has a power failure. The system may lose track of time, and date along with the setup timing program whenever the frequency of power outages increases. So, if your sprinkler system is watering the green patches at odd times, you may want to check its relevance with recent power failures. The simple solution is to check the timer and reset its data along with the preset watering schedule to resolve the situation. 

● Random Distribution Of Water: It is a common issue where sprinklers water some zones of the given areas and skip the others. And you may want to believe it to be a valve problem or a leakage in the water pipe but this time the culprit might be the timer. Just visit the control box of the sprinkler and check the timer with respect to each zone individually. If it turns on every single zone then the correction of the timing program will easily resolve the situation. If you are not aware of the hows and whats of the timing program simply check the user manual of the automatic tap timer. It will provide you with the required help for resetting the timing program. Apart from this, sometimes the stress on wires also leads to short circuits or breakages preventing the activation signal from reaching the control valve for a specific zone. You may want to get a trained mechanic to rectify that problem. 

● Sprinkler Turns Off Right After Turning On: Sometimes the sprinklers turn off right the moment they are turned on. If that is the case, you need to go and check the timing program. Sometimes the timing programs are misconfigured due to various reasons. If that is the case, you need to look into the timing program and reset it. Test the program temporarily to see that things are running well and if it does well you are good to go. 

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